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Dog Biome 5.0
The test provides valuable insight into the forces at work within our pets' bodies. Diet, metabolism, energy, vitamins and amino acids production which together contribute to the overall health and well being of our pets.
Canine Gut MicroBiome Test

Comprehensive health insights about your pet’s internal ecosystem that empower you to make the best lifestyle and nutrition choices for them.

Collection Instructions
With Canine Microbiome Test You’ll
With Canine Microbiome Test
You’ll Receive
bullet Your Canine Microbiome Test kit
bullet Your dog’s complete gut microbiome analysis & personalized Insights
bullet Recommendations for dietary changes you can make and probiotics & supplements only if your pet needs them
Who’s in there?
The first part of the report looks at the top groups of bacteria at genus level. Bacteria are divided into groups to make them easier to understand and identify, (see diagram below). Part One of this report identifies the major players and highlights the nutritional contributions and benefits made by them.

You will see how important certain bacteria are to your pets health. You will also see how by making some small changes to the diet, beneficial bacteria can be encouraged to increase in number, providing even more benefits. Some of the dietary changes mentioned are made by adding prebiotic ingredients to the diet. The definition of a prebiotic is ‘’a non-digestible food ingredient that beneficially affects the host by selectively stimulating the growth and/or activity of one or a limited number of bacteria in the colon and thus improves host health. Probiotics are also mentioned these are live bacteria, rather than a food for the bacteria. Other recommended dietary changes will relate to imbalances between the groups of bacteria that feed or digest carbohydrates, fats and protein. Making small changes in the amount or quality of these major nutrients will significantly improve the health of the gut and prevent any future opportunity for inflammation and colitis.
What are they doing ?
This section explains how and why the bacteria contribute to the health and well being. For example, some bacteria help rebuild the gut wall, some trigger an immune response and some talk to the brain about what and how to act, eat and sleep. Other bacteria ‘take over’ and form biofilms, taking nutrients away from the host and reducing the pH of the hind gut preventing fermentation and causing discomfort.
Who are they doing with ?
This section looks at the relationships and the conversations between the bacteria, some relationships contribute to health, especially the health of the immune system and some contribute to ill health, increasing the opportunity for inflammation and dysbiosis.
Your Pet Gut Diversity Score
The diversity of your pet’s gut microbiome is important. Microbial diversity is a measure of both the different types and the amount of bacterial species in your sample. Your pet’s diet as well as other factors such as stress, age and medications will affect the overall microbial diversity. Low microbial diversity is often associated with poor health. Diversity can also increase in really sick animals especially in certain groups like alpha-proteobacteria.
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You get results
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Retest when you’re ready.
Focusing on supporting good microbes and suppressing the harmful ones can take time and depend on the levels of dietary changes you can make for your pet. While some pets do experience some immediate changes in as little as a few weeks after following the test recommendations, some make take longer to respond.

To track your pet’s microbiome changes, we suggest retesting several times a year or as often as needed until you get the effect you are looking for.